I read because I think it is fun. Reading can take you to a whole different place, put you in other people’s shoes, and teach you new things. I like to read mostly mystery and suspense books; they provide me with a window to a different world where things are scary and interesting. Reading can be difficult when there are lots of noises and interruptions. I read best when I am in a quiet space and can focus on my book. As a reader, one thing that I would like to work on, is having more of a routine. My reading is all around and throughout the day it would be nice if I would have a time when I could consistently read. When I don’t exactly have a quiet space, and can focus on just my book. I like to read graphic novels. It’s hard to go back and find my spot on the page again and again. I don’t have that problem when reading graphic novels. My favorite genre to read in graphic novels is realistic fiction because I find that they are usually good stories with great art and lots of good facial expressions. Lastly, one of the bigger challenges I have as a reader is finding a book that I like so if anybody has any recommendations, please tell me!

Mirror or Window, City Spies


I just finished reading The City Spies by James Ponti. The Book is about young spies from the age 12 to 15 and the missions that they go on. This is a window book for me because a window book is a book that is introducing you to a whole new world or a new lifestyle and in the book I am not really able to relate to the characters. In the book the main character, Brooklyn, is taken away to a spy headquarters in Scotland where she is sent on a dangerous mission in Paris along with their team. If I was able to relate to this book than it would be a mirror book, a mirror book is a book that you can easily relate to. Sometimes there are books that are both mirror and window. Recognizing when a book is mirror or window is  a good strategy because it can help you find out what type of books you are reading and try to mix it up a bit.

My Soccer Team

I play for the club soccer league NCFC and am on the Durham-Chapel Hill gold team. My soccer team has taught me a lot. Not only by teaching soccer but also what it is like to be on a team and have something to be committed to. Being part of a team is one of the most important parts of soccer. You learn who might try to take the shot and who might pass and eventually you get to a point where you can almost always tell what they are going to do. Sometimes there are challenges on your team that teaches you how to react in those types of situations and what to do. Soccer also teaches you how to make goals and reach them by hard work and practice. Being part of a team is also being in a community where you all care about at least one thing. In conclusion, I think that being part of a sports team is very important and I would recommend it because it is fun and it teaches important things.    

Camp Kirkwood

Around 9:05 on Tuesday the 29th I had just about finished packing for the big trip on Wednesday, and went to bed very excited, not knowing what to expect. The next day I got up around 6:30 and did my morning routine. I got out the door early because I didn’t have to pack lunch.

I hopped out of the car. It wasn’t very early, only about 7:40 but the whole sky was dark with stormy clouds. Soon after we got on the bus, about 30 minutes and it started to rain.

When we finally reached Camp Kirkwood it was pouring. My rain jacket was in my luggage, which was in the back of the bus so we all ran out into the rain to get our bags. Inside the cabin, everything was dry and warm. Soon after we made our beds and did other unpacking we went to the dining hall to have lunch. After lunch, we went to teambuilding where we had to get through a rope maze. When you held onto the rope and followed it blindfolded the first time we did it half of our group got left behind but the second time we used better communication and made made sure to leave no body behind I was at the front of the line so my experience was full of surprises.I stepped in pot holes and trippedon roots then we passed the massage down the line to warn the other people I’ve though it did not always get down the line and people fell it was ok and nobody got hurt because we held on to the rope.

Soon after we were all sprinting toward what looked like a huge water balloon half in the ground but what was  actually called the Kanga jump which you jumped on.soon after dinner it was time to go back to our cabins after we had ether played dodgeball or watched the Lorax and we all fell asleep fast listening as the hurricane crept closer with the pound of rain.


The next two days flew by but here are some of the activities that we did.My group went to the pool on Thursday and we had a great time. One of the highlights that we did at the pool was imitating the high school musical jump on the cover. We also did something called a V-swing where basically the people in your group called you up with a rope and then you unclipped yourself from the rope, but you didn’t fall down because there was another rope that you were attached to and you would swing on that. It was super fun and I’ve never done anything like it, I got it was scary. I would definitely recommend it to somebody. We also did a zip line which was super fun. Then right before we left we visited the pig bubbles and played Gaga!

Soon we were heading home on the bus and reflecting on what had happened at camp and chatting with our friends.I will never forget this trip and we were to go on this trip.